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Ansul supplies many leading chemicals and foam agents. Examples of dry chemical brands include, Foray(ABC), +50C(BC), Purple K(BC), and Met-L-X(Class D). Liquid chemicals include K-Guard (Class K), Ansulex (Kitchen systems) and LVS (Vehicle systems).

We also sell Ansul spill control products.  Ask us about their Spill-X line that are used as acid neutralizers, caustic neutralizers, solvent absorbents and as a formaldehyde polymerizer.

Ansul foam cart is one example of how foams can be delivered

Ansul foams include a variety of concentration alternatives under their Ansulite AFFF brand. Fire suppression foam is a mixture of foam concentrate, water and air which not only smothers flames, but also cools and separates the flame from the source. This makes it an effective option for protecting flammable and combustible liquids.

Chemicals and Foams are classified by:​

  • Type - Dry Chemicals, Liquid Chemicals, Water-based Concentrates etc 

  • UL Hazard Type - ABC, BC, Class D, Class K etc

  • Size - 5 gal pails, 55 gal drums, 265 gal totes

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