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Eastman Fire Protection is based in Troy, Michigan.  We are one of the largest authorized Ansul Distributors in the Midwest. We also are a disributor for Brooks Equipment and Badger.  In addition we sell and service brands such as Amerex, Rawhide, EXCAB, Fenwal, Fire Tech, Building Reports and many others.


Our focus on portable fire extinguishers and pre-engineered Ansul Suppression systems dates back 40 years.   We also sell a host of related fire protection products and provide a variety of inspection services covering Portable Extinguishers, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Pumps, Backflow, Kitchen Systems, Vehicle Systems, Eyewash Stations, Exit and Emergency Lights, Alarms and Fire Doors.

Our knowledgable staff averages 20 years experience and maintains all necessary fire safety certifications.  We serve over 7,000 customers in Metro Detroit and throughout Michigan. 


Our technicians provide inspection and maintenance  services for portable fire extinguishers, all Ansul pre-engineered supression systems, hydrostatic testing of cylinders, and recharging both on site or in our 10,000 sq ft workshop.  Our trucks are equipped to allow on-site recharging unlike many in our industry who choose to swapout customers equipment.

Eastman Fire Protection is equipped to serve all industries and every type of commercial business.  All commercial facilities, occupied or not, must meet local and state fire codes.

Our thousands of customers represent most industries and every fire hazard.  As a result, our technicians are the most experienced in the industry. We work with all wet and dry chemical agents utilized today.


Our customers include manufacturers in Automotive, Steel, Pharmacuetical, Chemicals, Paper, Aerospace and others.  We also serve Utilities, Hospitals, Property Management companies, Retail and Universities. 


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